Building Desks with Rotary

January 28, 2015

.team.jpgdesks.jpg..Third day in Santa Barbara, Honduras.  A very nice town of 38,000 that has an incredibly active Rotary presence.  This club of 28 members first partnered with Summit in Honduras and Summit County Rotary in 2009 to build a system to deliver clean water to the homes in a village that relied on contaminated river water for all their personal and household needs.  The current project is recycling old school desks in the schools around Santa Barbara, Honduras.  This Rotary club has an incredible impact in their community and has embraced Summit in Honduras.

The project has gotten national attention.  The Honduran school year begins again on Feb. 2 and runs through the end of November.  With little time to spare, scores of community members have been working with the four Americans representing Summit in Honduras and Summit Rotary to finish the desks.  On Monday television news crews were at the school and the next evening, we were all on the national evening news!