Health and Medical

Projects6.jpgMedical Missions

On May 13-21, 2017 we will take our 14th group of medical doctors, nurses, and EMT’s to Honduras.  These missions have evolved over time and are now based out of the Manos Amigas Clinic.  Our time is largely spent at the clinic as well as traveling to villages in the area to administer much needed medical care and medicines which we purchase in Honduras or through the Manos Amigas Clinic.

Health Guardians

Well trained, well respected men and women living in remote villages, who are willing to go through training every few months. Training is provided by The Red Cross, visiting doctors, or the Ministry of Health. Dr. Marvin from Manos Amigos Clinic is in charge of the health guardians. We currently have 18 health guardians in 9 villages.  The guardians are taught the basics of taking blood pressures, temperatures and basic medical information. We supply them with vitamins, creams, and basic pain medication.

We are also providing “safe birth kits” to give to midwives with very basic items to help with a safe, hygienic delivery. In addition we provide baby beanies knitted by Summit County women. 

sih20.jpgPotters For Peace

As of January 2016, we have successfully distributed 450 ceramic water filters to remote villages in Honduras.  This project has been so successful that we hope to increase the amount of filters to 800 by years end. More information can be found on this proven technology at

El Encantadito Water Project

A gravity fed system was constructed to bring clean water directly to this remote village  on the Honduran Guatemalan boarder.  There is a clear spring high above the village which is fed down to a series of “pelas” constructed at each house to hold the daily water for drinking and cooking.